Prescription Safety Glasses

DLCs must furnish one pair of prescription impact-resistant (ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2015) eyeglasses free of charge to employees and students whose work requires their use.


Note: Undergraduate Students, who don't have DLC funding, can pay for their glasses directly and don't need a supervisor to sign the form. These are less than $100 for single vision lens. 


Procedure to order prescription safety glasses-- Updated September 2016 

Dept. of Facilities employees should follow DOF SOP-14, which is posted on the DOF webpage for employees.


  1. Obtain approval from your supervisor (PI for researchers and graduate students) to order prescription safety glasses. The supervisor’s administrative assistant or the point person in the DLC Headquarters Office fills out the shaded section of the order form (scroll down and click on attachment). Type the information in the top 2 sections, especially the cost object/GL account numbers to avoid errors when the MIT Medical Department creates the journal vouchers. Prior approval from your DLC is needed if you choose a frame and/or lens option, which are more expensive than those that are approved for this program. If the DLC will pay for certain extras, specify these at the bottom of the order form. If you don’t have approval, MIT Optical Shop will charge your credit card for your portion.
  2. Obtain a prescription or you can use a prescription that is no more than two years old. (You must pay for this.)
  3. Take your prescription and the completed order form to the MIT Optical Shop in W20-024 . They suggest arriving before 5 PM (Mon-Thursday) so they have enough time to complete the fitting before 6 PM. Note that the shop closes at 5pm on Fridays.
  4. The optician will assist you in choosing your frame from the samples, take necessary measurements, and place your order.
  5. MIT Optical Shop will notify you when your glasses are ready for pickup up in about 7-10 working days. Return to the MIT Optical Shop in W20-024. The optician will verify that the glasses were made correctly or will make any necessary adjustments.  
  6. You will need to sign when you receive your glasses.  The Optical Shop will provide this proof of receipt to the DLC contact for billing indicated on the order form. The DLC should retain this proof of receipt.
  7. The MIT Medical Department will journal voucher the cost at the end of the month. A receipt is generated in SAP.
  8. If your glasses break, are scratched or your prescription changes, then order a new pair by following this procedure. The DLC will pay for the new glasses. The patient will pay for the new prescription if it has changed or if it is more than 2 years old.
  9. Bifocal and Base progressive lenses will be furnished when necessary.

If you have questions, please contact the MIT Optical Shop Manager at 617-258-5367.

MIT Optical Shop


Effective September 23, 2016 please use the new order form attached below.

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