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Campus & Workplace

We aid in fostering a safe and healthy campus environment, providing the expertise and training needed to successfully conduct day-to-day activities without causing harm.

Whether you are planning an event, working on a construction project, or have concerns about your general health and safety in your specific work area, EHS provides guidance and programming to help the MIT community safely navigate everyday activities.

General Questions

If you want to learn more about safely conducting business at MIT, you may also want to review:


Providing support and regulatory expertise for construction and renovation projects on the MIT campus.

Event & Exhibit Safety

We offer practical suggestions and safety considerations you should keep in mind during the many aspects of event planning and displaying exhibits/projects in public spaces.

Workplace Safety

We provide the programming and information necessary to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for all members of the MIT community.

Campus Services

We maintain guidelines and programming that help facilitate a safe and productive work environment at MIT.