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chemistry lab


We provide comprehensive chemical safety services and guidance to help minimize the risks associated with the use of hazardous chemicals.

EHS provides tools and resources to maintain the safe and responsible use of chemicals in an academic research setting, in line with state and federal regulations.

Services include:

  • Chemical Hygiene Plans template and review process
  • Online Chemical Inventory system

General Questions

If you are working with chemicals in the lab, you may also have questions about:

Chemical Hygiene

To ensure the safe use of hazardous chemicals in all of our labs, we require students and employees to review and maintain Chemical Hygiene Plans and complete related training.

Chemical Inventory

Understand how to identify what chemicals you need to inventory, the minimum information you are required to track, and how often your inventory should be updated.

Chemical Regulatory Reporting & Security

If your lab or work area uses chemicals you must submit an annual inventory report, in support of regulations aimed at preventing the potential misuse of certain chemicals.


Review the best practices for safely storing and working with common chemicals and nanomaterials.

Chemical Storage

Best Practices for Chemical Storage

Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety

Guidelines for safely maintaining, moving, and storing compressed gas.

Dangerous and Highly Toxic

Review important considerations and regulations for working with and storing Particularly Hazardous Substances and highly toxic chemicals.

DEA Controlled Substances

While there is no institute-wide license, researchers at MIT engaging in research with controlled substances must be registered with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.