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Regulated Waste

We ensure that those working and conducting research at MIT have the information and resources needed to safely handle any waste that may be generated by their lab.

There are many different types of waste generated on campus, some of which carry state and/or federal regulations due to their potential to harm people or the environment. EHS provides the guidance and resources to help the MIT community carefully and responsibly collect, handle, label and store waste.

General Questions

If your lab or department generates waste, you may also have questions about:

Biological Waste

We provide guidance on the proper disposal of all biological waste including any liquid, solid, or sharp material that has come in contact with viable biological material.

Chemical Waste

We provide resources and training for hazardous waste management, including identification, storage, and disposal.

Rad Waste

Different types of radioactive waste including solid waste, liquid waste, liquid scintillation counting wastes, mixed waste (waste that is both radioactive and chemically hazardous i.e. Uranium acetate), and uranium and thorium wastes.

Recycling & Waste Reduction

At MIT we are committed to creating and maintaining a sustainable environment. Learn ways you can support the community in maintaining this commitment.