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Workplace Safety

We provide the programming and information necessary to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for all members of the MIT community.

EHS supports the safety and well-being of all MIT employees, providing the education and knowledge they need to safely navigate their area of the Institute.

General Questions

For safety information related to your specific work environment at MIT:

Asbestos Program

Whether you are planning a renovation, or you have concerns about your work area, we are here to assess and address all asbestos related issues.

Crane and Hoisting Systems

We have created a comprehensive program covering safety and regulatory requirements for the many crane and hoisting systems, from fractional chain-falls to multi-ton overhead cranes, that are spread across campus.

Electrical Safety

Setting the standard for work best practices and safeguarding against injuries, we ensure those handling electrical equipment have adequate training and experience.

Fire Safety

We provide information to the the MIT community on how to avoid potential fire hazards in all areas of the campus.

Hazard Communication

Helping employees who work in non-laboratory work areas or operations (referred to as HAZCOM areas) where hazardous chemicals are used or stored to implement protective measures.

Hearing Conservation

From monitoring exposure to recommending hearing protection, our services help community members limit damaging exposure to noise.

Hire/Host a Minor

Guidelines and review process for individuals and groups hiring or hosting minors that involve activities in labs, shops and other areas that have health- and safety-related hazards.

Hot Work Permit

We provide specific safety precautions for cutting and welding (Hot Work) operations and requirements necessary to obtain a Hot Work Permit.

Laser Cutter Safety

Providing best practices for the safe operation of laser cutting equipment, avoiding hazards to your person and property.

Lockout/ Tagout (LOTO)

Providing a Model Energy Control (LOTO) Program that outlines LOTO requirements including roles and responsibilities, written energy control procedures (ECPs), periodic inspection requirements, and staff training.

Occupational Injury/Illness

Helping employees navigate the processes involved in reporting an injury or illness obtained on the job.

Personal Protective Equipment

From assessing your needs to guidance on proper care and maintenance, we help assure you are adequately protected from hazards associated with your work.

Reproductive Health Protection

From providing hazard assessments to evaluating the materials you work with for potential hazards, we help to assure your reproductive health is protected.