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August 31, 2022


Planned SAP Outage: Notice of Planned SAP Outage 10/1/22: Saturday 12:30 AM - Saturday 3:30 PM. If a Supervisor Report of Injury needs to be submitted during that time, go to  

Cambridge to Temporarily Switch to MWRA Water for Remainder of 2022: On August 26, the City of Cambridge, which supplies water to the MIT Cambridge campus, announced that it will be temporarily sourcing its water from the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority (MWRA) for the remainder of 2022. Read More

Our Vision
Our Vision

We partner with the entire MIT community to maintain a safe, healthy, and environmentally sustainable place to learn, work, live, and play. We develop practical, efficient, sustainable, and adaptable solutions that identify, assess, and minimize risk, continually striving to meet new challenges to support innovation in the research community.

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Hazardous Shipping Materials Awareness Training

A new web course is now available to the MIT Community to help those who plan to ship hazardous materials. The course will provide general awareness training for individuals who want to ship hazardous materials from MIT to anywhere, domestic or international, including chemicals, biologicals, and radioactive materials.

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