Life Threatening EMERGENCY

Call MIT Police 617-253-1212

  • Operations: 617-253-4948
  • MIT Medical: 617-253-4481 (urgent care)
  • EHS: 617-452-3477 (day)
  • EHS: 617-253-4948 (after hrs)


Immediate Action

  • Alert Others
  • Evacuate
  • Call MIT Police from a safe location.

Additonal Information

  • Do Not Use Elevators.
  • Close Doors as you leave.
  • Feel Doors with the back of your hand. Do not open doors that are hot.

Wait for emergency personnel at the Department’s (Emergency Preparedness Plan) designated Waiting and Meeting Area to provide any useful information.

  • What happened,
  • If there are injuries, and
  • Your name, location, and telephone number.

Medical Emergency


Call campus police 617-253-1212

Examples of life threatening emergencies:

  • Serious injuries or burns
  • Poisoning
  • Unconsciousness
  • Shock

For non-life threatening situations dial MIT Urgent Care: 617-253-4481 (24 hours/day)

Urgent care walk in service 8a.m. – 8 pm E23 first floor

Active Shooter


(Evacuate the area if safe to do so)
If the sound of gun shots are far away and you can safely, access an exit.

  • GET OUT! , Leave immediately and get away from the MIT Campus
  • Notify MIT Police 617-253-1212
  • Get updates from


(Take Immediate Refuge)
If you feel the shooter is close to you and you cannot safely exit the building

  • Lock doors, use door stops, bar door with desks, turn off lights
  • Search for objects that can be used as weapons
  • Call “100” or 617-253-1212 via land line
  • MIT Police can trace where you are.


(Attack the shooter)
If the shooter has entered the room you are in:

  • Obtain improvised weapons (scissors, letter opener, fire extinguisher)
  • Immediately attack shooter, direct your attack at his/her head/face
  • Do not attempt to plead or bargain with the shooter

Facilities Operations

EMERGENCY SERVICE REQUESTS DIAL FIXIT 617-253-4948 from any campus telephone. Press “1” to speak with someone immediately.

Examples of Emergency Service Requests

  • After Hours HAZMAT incidents
  • Gas or Burning Odor
  • Burst Pipe
  • Elevator Entrapment
  • Loss of Utilities, such as:
    • Electrical
    • Chilled Water
  • Any situation that may pose an immediate threat of serious injury to personnel or damage to property.


Major Spill

Major hazardous material and waste spills Call Police at 617-253-1212 and also report incident to your supervisor

Minor Spill

Minor hazardous materials or waste spills that present no immediate threat to personal safety, health, or the environment. Call EHS 617-452-3477 (Days)

Nights/Weekends: 617-253-4948
Facilities Customer Service


The person who receives the call/package/threat should remain in the area to talk to the MIT Police Officers when they arrive.


  • Do not touch or disturb object
  • Move to a safe location and contact MIT Police Use a landline / NO CELL PHONE USE.
  • Tell MIT Police what makes it suspicious to you.
  • If told to evacuate, look around for anything else suspicious and report.

Phone Threats

  • Remain calm and try to obtain as much information as possible from the caller
  • Obtain an accurate description of what the caller said and try to obtain as much information as possible. (Where, When, What, Who, distinctive speech, accent, sex, background noises)
  • Record the number indicated in caller ID
  • Contact MIT Police

MIT’s Emergency Information Web Site Use this web site for ongoing emergency information

MIT Alert MIT Alert is the Institute’s emergency notification program, designed to provide information and advisories via a number of communication channels including Institute voicemail, email and text message for the safety and security of the MIT community. Please sign up at

Emergency Preparedness Plans (EPP)

Emergency Response Guide Printable PDF Poster: Download