Emergency Response Guide
Call MIT Police 617-253-1212 or x100
Stay Calm and Follow Instructions
Active Shooter
You see fire/smoke or the
Major spill/release/exposure
If violent intruder or active
fire alarm activates
Avoid further exposure
shooter incident is occurring
• Immediately evacuate area/building via
• If unsafe, evacuate the area
the nearest exit
• Call MIT Police 617-253-1212:
• Do not use elevators
• Location
• Attempt to evacuate the area, if it is safe
• Pull fire alarm, if not activated
• Name/quantity of material
to do so
• Alert others, if there is no alarm
• Once safe to do so, call MIT Police
• Number of people injured/exposed
• Assist others, if they are unable
If spill/release is outdoors
You are caught in smoke
• Go inside and Shelter-In-Place:
• Drop to knees, then crawl to exit
• If you cannot evacuate safely, find a safe
• Close all doors and windows
place to shelter-in-place
• Breathe through a towel or shirt
• Turn off A/C and air handling systems
• Lock and/or barricade door(s)
• Cover any possible air entry points
• Turn off lights & other electronics
You are unable to evacuate
• Silence cell phone, but keep it on
• Call MIT Police 617-253-1212 and
Minor spill/release
provide location
• If there is no immediate danger:
• Call EHS 617-252-3477 (M-F, 8a-5p) or
• As a last resort and if your life is in
Once outside
Facilities Ops Center 617-253-4948
immediate danger, attempt to
• Proceed to assembly area or a safe
• If trained and it is safe to do so:
incapacitate the attacker
distance away
• Prevent further spill or release
• Use improvised weapons
• Wait for all clear before reentry
• Turn off ignition sources
Utility Disruption
Life threatening medical
Facilities Disruption or repair
Suspicious Package
• Call MIT Police 617-253-1212 to provide
service requests
• Do not go near or touch/disturb
location and nature
• Call Facilities Operations Center
• Do not use fire alarm/cell phone
• Assist the victim, if it is safe and you are
617-253-4948 (extension “FIXIT”)
• Call MIT Police 617-253-1212
comfortable doing so:
• Gas or burning odors
• Administer CPR or use AED
• Pipe burst, leaks or flooding
Bomb Threat
• Protect the Airway and Spine
• Elevator entrapment
• If threat made over phone, ask:
• Control Bleeding
• Electrical/network/telecomm outage
• Where is it located?
• Heat/cool/chilled water outage
• When will it go off?
Mental Health
• What does it look like?
• If person is/may be an immediate danger:
• Document all details of voice, language
MIT Police 617-253-1212
Scan and go
and background noises
• If you are concerned/need help:
• Call MIT Police 617-253-1212
• For students call 617-253-2916 or on
Scan the QR code for
nights/weekends 617-253-4481
a mobile version to
• For employees call 844-405-5433
Threats of Violence
take with you
• Report all details to MIT Police
Be Prepared - Do you know
Stay Informed
“If You See Something, Say Something”
• Emergency exit locations
• Follow instructions from MIT Alert and
monitor emergency.mit.net
• If you see anything suspicious, call
• Fire alarm locations
MIT Police 617-253-1212
• Review prepared.mit.edu
• Blue light phone locations
• Assembly area locations
• Eyewash and safety shower locations
• Your DLC’s Emergency Preparedness Plan
and Coordinator
Download PDF Poster
See Something - Say Something