Hire/ Host a High School or Middle School Student (Minor)

Updated March 22, 2017

The guidelines for Programs for Minors are on the Protection of Minors website. If you plan to have minors working as employees or interns, please check MIT’s Human Resources website.

The Office of General Counsel, Human Resources, and EHS collaborated to develop these guidelines, which will assist DLCs in determining how to manage the hiring or hosting of minors. MIT encourages the DLCs to provide educational programming to minors in a safe, professional and responsible manner.

Prior to hire or agreeing to host an intern or volunteer, the primary supervisor should verify whether there are any specific approval processes required by your DLC.  

The EHS Office is available to review any type of activity involving minors, but our primary focus is minors working in labs, shops and other areas that have EHS hazards.


It is Institute policy to maintain certain personnel and safety practices concerning the employment of Minors. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the U.S. federal government place many restrictions on the type of work that may be performed by Minors and the conditions under which they work.

MIT prohibits the employment or internships of any minors under age 16, whether paid or unpaid. Persons under 18 years of age must present certification that they are legally eligible to work. This Employment Permit is obtained through the minor’s school system. The Employment Permit must be provided to the responsible person before the minor starts work.

Refer to the Summary of Massachusetts Laws and to the Employment Permit Application required of minors, who are paid.