Unsafe Types Of Activities, Demonstrations, And Rides

Unsafe Types Of Activities, Demonstrations, And Rides

Updated January 29, 2015

The departments that support events developed the following list due to accidents that have occurred at MIT and nationwide.  This is also based on our reviews of many events that involved the following. The Cambridge Fire Department strictly follows the Mass. Fire Prevention Regulations and has not approved previous requests for fire/explosion related activities listed below.

Game and Ride related activities:

  • Climbing walls and inflatable games in which a participant could free fall more the 4 feet, which is what triggers the OSHA requirements for Fall Protection. Refer to the inflatable guidelines
  • Inflatable games that the 2 participants try to knock each other over and this could result in a serious injury, especially involving the head, neck or spinal cord. Refer to the inflatable guidelines
  • Mechanical rides (bucking bronco, bull, surfboard, etc.) that are designed to throw the rider off.
  • Tight rope walking, Slacklining, Aerial silk, etc.

Fire/explosion related activities:

  • Pyrotechnics
  • Demonstartions that involve ignition, explosion, and/or detonation.  This includes hydrogen filled balloons, igniting various salts and methanol, fire tornados. The CSB investigated 3 incidents that occurred in 2014.
  • Improvised explosive devices (even if these just appear to be bombs) and incompatible reactions that appear to be an explosion
  • Bonfires, campfires, firepits, Chiminea etc.
  • Setting anything on fire 
  • Teaching how to light fires  
  • Setting items on fire that will be handled  (fire tennis, fire juggling, fire spinning, hydrogen bubbles, etc.)
  • Grills on roof decks (refer to the barbecue safety guidelines)
  • Vehicles (gasoline or diesel powered) inside buildings that are not parking garages or repair shops