Spill Kit Request Form

The EHS Office has created a kit that is specifically designed to suit the laboratory environment.  When you have concluded cleaning up a spill, please red tag the material, put it in a satellite accumulation area and ask for a chemical waste pick up request.

What this kit is intended for:

  • Minor spills – The properties of the material, the quantity, and the location meet the definitions of a minor spill.  
  • You feel confident that you can SAFELY handle the material.  Even if it is a ‘Minor’ spill, if you do not feel confident that you can clean it up, evacuate the lab and call 100 or the EHS Office x23477 (617 452-3477).  There is never any penalty for asking EHS to help with a spill. 

What this kit is NOT intended for:

  • Mercury clean up – Mercury is very tricky to clean up and specific mercury absorbent materials and pads must be used.  Contact the EHS Office x23477
  • Hydrofluoric Acid – HF is very dangerous and extreme care needs to be taken if there is a spill.  Contact the EHS Office x23477
  • Major spills – If there is a large quantity or if the any of the minor spill characteristics are NOT met.  All these spills need to be called in to EHS as soon as they occur.

What is in Each Kit?

Each kit can be catered to your lab!  We offer the basic kit with all the items we think a lab spill kit should provide from our research into spills, but you can add or substitute items that you may deem are more appropriate for you lab.


  • 1 HazMat sock. Socks are crucial for stopping spills from reaching drains or containing the spill. It will also neutralize acids/bases.
  • 1 HazMat pillow. A pillow is a condensed absorbent and can absorb a large amount of material and also neutralize acids/bases.
  • 8 HazMat spill pads. The spill pads can absorb a lot of material and neutralize acids/bases.
  • 2 Pair of nitrile gloves.
  • 1 Hazardous Materials marked yellow bag to put compliant used absorbent into for waste disposal
  • 1 Red Tag for waste disposal.
  • 1- 5 Gallon Pail that all the material is packaged inside. The pail itself can be used to contain the used absorbent for waste disposal.


The pricing is in ADDITION to the $50 basic kit fee unless you are requesting a refill of one of the items or ONLY one of the items listed below.

  • Doff-It Personal Privacy Kit - $13.00  These kits allow for privacy while someone is under a safety shower.
  • Simple Green - $14.50.
  • Spill X-A - $30.00.  This absorbent is specific to neutralizing acids and is HF tolerant.
  • Spill X-C - $40.00.  This absorbent is specific to neutralizing bases.
  • Dust Pan and Brush - $25.00
  • Specialized goggles – $14.00

Launch Form:

Spill Kit Request Form