Fire Fighter Detail

Fire Fighter Detail

Updated June 30, 2016

How to schedule Fire Fighter Details

Please contact the EHS Safety Program ( if you want to pursue an event plan that may require a fire fighter detail. The EHS Safety Program will work with the event planner before we contact our Fire Dept. liaison about the details of the safety plan for your event. We work with our liaisons at both the Cambridge and Boston Fire Departments.  The Cambridge Fire Dept requests that MIT staff/students and vendors work through the EHS Safety Program first.

If the Fire Dept approves of the event safety plan and if they require a fire fighter detail, the EHS Safety Program will notify the event planner.  The Cambridge Fire Dept currently only requires the outdoor cooking permit for events that are on public streets and they no longer require a propane permit.

The MIT event planner will be responsible for giving a copy of the approved safety plan to the caterer/ vendor. 

Schedule a Cambridge fire fighter detail--complete the web form

Send the auto reply from the CFD web form to the person who will pay the invoice, to and to

The MIT event planner must do this, not the vendor. It can no longer be done in person or via email. 

Schedule a Boston fire fighter detail--complete the web form


Contact information

Lt. Towski is the liaison for MIT at the Cambridge Fire Department. He does not work on Fridays.




Lori Donovan is the liaison for MIT at the Boston Fire Marshall Office.  The Fire Marshall will review our safety plans and Lori will convey his decisions.


Cambridge Fire Prevention Office is located in Harvard Square at 491 Broadway (corner of Broadway and Cambridge streets).

It is a short distance from the T station.