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Updated October 08, 2015

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Biosafety Signs i.e. Universal Biohazard sign, BL door sign, BL practices signs

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Caution - Blank
Caution - Do not operate without the guards in place

Caution - Eye protection required

Danger - Blank

Danger - Acid

Danger - Flammable

Danger - Hazardous Area No smoking, open flames, sparks

Danger - High voltage

Danger - No smoking

Danger - Refrigerator not approved for flammable materials

Designated Area for Hazardous Chemicals

Plexiglas holder for Emergency Notification Sign (green)

Emergency Phone Numbers (stickers for phones)

Emergency Response Guidelines
Eye Wash Station

Fire Door - Do Not Block or Wedge Open

Hazardous Waste Satellite Accumulation only

Ionizing Radiation: Radioactive material, X-ray
No Exit

No Food or drink

Non-ionizing Radiation : Laser, RF, Microwave, Magnet, UV
Replace the guardrail

Safety Shower

Sink Disposal

Spill Kit, use for

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