SDS and Chemical Safety Information

Updated March 17, 2015

One of the fastest ways to get an SDS is to use a search engine such as Bing.

  • Type in the chemical or product name and SDS. 
  • For a company specific SDS, you can add the company name in the search.

Below are links to database or company sites where you can get an SDS.  The companies listed are sources of many of the products and chemicals at MIT.

SDS database

VermontSiri - laboratory and non-laboratory chemicals. Generally, works best to search by chemical, as opposed to company index.

Company SDS sites

Lab chemicals:

VWR SDS Search

Sigma-Aldrich Safety Page

Miscellaneous sites for products used at MIT:

Airgas Distributors - SDS Library Link at left on page.

Pharmacal Research Labs - Site with information on disinfectants used for animal research


Links to Chemical Safety Information other than SDS

NIOSH– On-line chemical safety information 

Compressed Gas Association – information on Compressed Gas Safety