EHS Assistant Chemical Inventory - Overview, Guides and Templates

The EHS Assistant Chemical Inventory Overview

In January 2018, the EHS Office launched a six month pilot project to test the features and functionality of a streamlined chemical inventory call EHS Assistant. During the pilot more than 20 labs had their full chemical inventories uploaded to 'EHSA', then they tested how effective the platform is in meeting their chemical inventory user expectations and needs. Initial feedback by email and in person has been solidly positive. A user survey to confirm this anecdotal response is planned for June 2018.

Here are some of the features mentioned by pilot users:

  • Very good system performance
  • Easy to add a chemical container (requires a single screen)
  • Good inventory search capability
  • Convenience of being able to upload groups of chemicals locally using an MIT template
  • The ability to designate containers or entire inventories to 'share' within a department
  • Kerberos user authentication (no need to memorize another password)

Based on the pilot findings, EHS will be scheduling the release of the EHSA Inventory for phased implementation starting in June/July 2018. Labs that wish to have their well-formatted inventory data uploaded to EHSA Chemical Inventory should contact the EHS Office: call 617-452-3477 or send email to:

For current users, to access the system: EHS Assistant Chemical Inventory


EHSA User Guides and Templates

After contacting EHS for a demonstration of EHSA we will work with you to determine the best way to migrate or build your chemical inventory in the platform. This includes setting up user access permissions and providing container barcode labels if your lab wishes to barcode its containers. For setting up and using your EHSA inventory, below are a set of guides and templates for  using EHS Assistant. If you have questions please contact EHS at or by calling 617-452-3477.