Chemical Inventory

MIT offers use of two online chemical inventory platforms, Environmental Health & Safety Assistant (EHSA) and BIOVIA CISPro Cloud. Contact EHS for more information about getting your lab started with one of its hosted chemical inventory platforms: email or call 617-452-3477. Someone will set up a meeting with you to demonstrate the platforms and to discuss how to set up your inventory online.


Platform Key Features


EHSA offers an easy to use, streamlined user interface for quickly adding new chemicals. To log in it uses your certificate authentication and password. It also offers the ability for labs to mark chemical containers to share within their department. It offers a just in time quick link to search for SDS by container. And it offers the ability to have inventory uploads throughout the year using its custom template. Key lab members can be trained to use this template upload feature.


CISPro Science Cloud offers access to over 9 million chemicals in its vendor catalog. It also includes a chemical structures search function. To support labs looking for these features, EHS offers 2-3 inventory uploads a year using CISPro's chemical upload template.


For more information about the online Chemical Inventory Platforms, please refer to the Chemical Inventory Website (requires having MIT Personal Certificates on your browser).


For either platform, if you already have a well-maintained inventory in Excel, contact EHS about migrating this inventory into an online platform.


 Note: as specified in the Chemical Hygiene Plan Template, all inventories must be maintained for all hazardous chemicals. Hazardous chemicals include chemicals for which there is statistically significant evidence of health effects following exposure as well as flammable and explosive substances.


The Chemical Inventory Overview document will help labs identify what chemicals should be inventoried, the minimum information required to track and how often it should be updated. See also the beginner's CISPRo users' guide, Getting Started with CISPro.


For assistance or to report any issues, please contact


 Additional Resources

 Examples of Chemicals that should be included in your Chemical Inventory:

The following websites have lists of chemicals that must be included in the lab inventory. Note: these lists are not all inclusive.



  1. List of Specific Gravity by Cas Number
  2. CISPro Inventory Spreadsheet Template
  3. Globally Harmonized System Hazard Code Reference
  4. Fire Zone Hazard Code Reference 
  5. EHSA Inventory Template – contact EHS