Chemical Inventory

MIT offers use of an online chemical inventory platform, BIOVIA CISPro Cloud, for maintaining your lab's chemical inventory. Contact EHS for more information about getting your lab started with CISPro: email us at or call 617-452-3477 and someone will set up a meeting with you to discuss your lab's options and how to set up your inventory.


EHS offers 3 inventory uploads a year using CISPro's chemical upload template, so if you already have a well-maintained inventory in Excel, it may be possible to convert this inventory for upload into CISPro using the upload template.


Note: as specified in the Chemical Hygiene Plan Template, all inventories must be maintained for all hazardous chemicals. Hazardous chemicals include chemicals for which there is statistically significant evidence of health effects following exposure as well as flammable and explosive substances.

The Chemical Inventory Overview document will help labs identify what chemicals should be inventoried, the minimum information required to track and how often it should be updated. See also the beginner's CISPRo users' guide, Getting Started with CISPro.


CISPro users - if you are experiencing issues using the site, please clear your browser and CISPro Cloud Cache (Help Link at top right of the interface).


MIT CISPro Release Notes


For full functionality of the CISPro upgrade please clear your account cache. This is done by clicking on the "Help" button on the top left of the home page, then clicking the second option in the drop-down menu "Clear Cache".  Please also clear your browser’s cache.

June 2016 Release Notes - BIOVIA CISPro Cloud Version 17

  • This upgrade includes a redesign of the way the system queries the data when reports are run. This enhancement has significantly speeded up running the "All Visible Containers" and other reports. In addition, in version 17, the system no longer caches report results so any changes made to your preferences are reflected immediately in all functions.
  • Users no longer have to clear browser cache when logging in after planned system outages. 
  • Lab users with MIT Maintain All permissions can now print out locations barcode labels to use with the Kiosk Mode.
  • The screen loading and refreshing has been improved throughout the application.

For assistance or to report any issues, please contact


Additional Resources


Examples of Chemicals that should be included in your Chemical Inventory:

The following websites have lists of chemicals that must be included in the lab inventory. Note: these lists are not all inclusive.



  1. List of Specific Gravity by Cas Number
  2. Inventory Spreadsheet Template
  3. Globally Harmonized System Hazard Code Reference
  4. Fire Zone Hazard Code Reference