Meet the Radiation Protection Program Staff & Techs

See who the responsible RPP person for your DLC is here

  Name Title Ext Email
  Mitch Galanek, CHP Associate Director 8-9457
  Fred McWilliams, CHP Senior Officer 3-5603
  Hans Richter Officer 8-5640
  Dan Alexander, CHP, CLSO Officer 8-5641
  Matthew G. Carey, CHP, CLSO Officer 4-6234
  Ryan Toolin Officer 2-3879
  Ryan Samz Assistant Officer 3-0347
  Thuquynh T. Dinh Assistant Officer 3-5522
  Beth Rice Project Technician 4-0043
  Robert Farley Project Technician 8-5645
  Rosario Silvestri Project Technician 8-8058
  Ron Stoute Project Technician 2-2751
  Michael DeBerio Project Technician 8-5648
  Mark Linehan Project Technician 8-5643
  John R. Collins Senior Technician 3-9329
  David Pavone Technician A 3-3045