Indoor Air Quality Investigation


This SOP is written for EHS Office staff, and describes the process followed and criteria used by the EHS Office (primarily Industrial Hygiene staff) for initial response, assessment, and resolution of indoor air quality (IAQ) complaints or concerns received by the office from occupants in MIT buildings and in leased buildings with MIT employees.  The objective is to assure, to the greatest extent feasible in accordance with current guidelines, general adequacy of conditions for building occupants.  An IAQ complaint may fall into one or both of the following basic categories:

  1.  A comfort concern, e.g., area is too drafty, stuffy, too hot or cold, or contains noxious odors with or w/o symptoms.
  2.  A concern about symptoms such as eye or upper respiratory tract irritation, lethargy, headache, and sometimes, nausea, associated with being in the building and that resolve when leaving the building.

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February 8, 2016