Fog/Smoke Machines

Fog / Smoke Machines

Updated August 23, 2017

These are the reasons that fog and haze are not allowed during events on campus.

  • The fog and haze can obscure the visibility of exit signs/ doors, which is prohibited by the building code. This can also obscure visibility that is needed for security*.
  • The fog and haze can set off smoke detectors that are in the HVAC system and activate the fire alarm. The fire department probably would shut down the event. Note:  MIT does not shut down smoke detectors or any other part of the fire alarm system for events.
  • The conclusion of several studies was that exposure to fog and haze causes irritation of eyes, nose, respiratory tract, and voice. Therefore this is not appropriate to use at a public event.
  • *The MIT Metal Detector policy may apply to your event.

If you plan to use a fog machine outside (not in a tent or other shelter), please contact us about how you will address the applicable issues above.