Fire Retardant Products


Fire Prevention

Displaying materials that can burn easily is prohibited in exit stairways, corridors, lobbies/atriums, and other parts of an evacuation route by the Mass. Fire Prevention Regulations. No one at MIT has the authority to approve a project that does not comply with this.  The best option is to use materials that will not burn easily.  The second option is to use materials that can be effectively treated with fire retardant. Information to Choose the appropriate flame retardant product  This is the Rosco Flamex Comparison Guide.

Local Supplier

Backstage Hardware & Theatre Supply


21 Dry Dock Ave, South Boston

They will ship any quantity to MIT. They will advise you on the correct product for your situation if the information at the above link isn't what you need.


Foam core --Companies print a fire hazard warning on the box because foam core can NOT be effectively treated with flame retardant.


Large rolls of Paper that are flame retardant and come in several colors. This product can also be purchased through Staples.: