Types of events/ activities that need a Safety Plan

Updated August 07, 2014

You are responsible for protecting the safety and health of the participants, audience, and organizers so your safety plan must address how this will be done. Refer to the types of activities that are unsafe.  If you are planning one of the following types of activities, you will need to review your draft safety plan with the EHS Office (safe-project@mit.edu) and/ or your EHS Coordinator, and include their recommendations. The final safety plan must be submitted as part of the event registration and/or space reservation process.

  • Building some type of structure that people will enter or climb on. This structure may have to comply with the Mass. State Building Code. Examples include sheds, bridges, towers.    
  • Building some type of device (such as trebuchet, tesla coil, vehicle) that has electrical, mechanical, pressure, or other type of hazard.
  • Using hazardous materials (biological, chemical or radioactive including the waste that is generated)
  • Using hazardous equipment or machinery (metal or wood working, high voltage, pressure, etc.)
  • Displaying art or an exhibit in a public space

To help event organizers write a safety plan, you can update the plan that was used for a past event or you can modify one of the following templates for your event or activity. 

Inflatable Games, Moonbounces, etc.


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