Reporting Responsibilities

Updated June 25, 2012


For immediate emergency assistance from MIT's Operations Center, dial 100 or 617-253-1212. They will coordinate with the emergency response system team on your behalf. See the EHS Response System SOP.

Environmental Hazards

Incidents involving potential harm to the environment, such as a major chemical or oil spill must be reported to the EHS Office immediately. The EHS Office has procedures in place for emergency response and for notifying the appropriate agencies regarding such incidents. For EHS assistance, call the EHS Office at (617) 452-3477 (2-EHSS) during business hours or by dial 617-253-1500 off hours.

Accidents or incidents involving injuries, and illnesses to employees must be reported to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to satisfy OSHA reporting and record keeping procedures. The responsibilities for reporting these injuries are described in the Reporting Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses SOP.

Accidents and Injuries

In case of employee injury and illness, the DLC PIs/Supervisors must investigate the accident and complete MIT's Supervisors' Report of Occupational Injury/Illness. The EHS Office and the DLC may investigate certain accidents in greater detail if needed.

For More Information...

If you have any questions about the reporting requirements for any of the above, or other reporting requirements, contact the EHS Office at (617) 452-3477 (2-EHSS) or email us your questions at