Exposure Assessment & Laboratory Toxicology Evaluations

Updated August 05, 2010

It is MIT policy that employees and students who may be exposed to hazards on the job be informed of the nature of the hazards and how to protect themselves. Every department, laboratory, and center that conducts research with chemicals has developed a Chemical Hygiene Plan .  Non-research use of chemicals is covered under the Hazard Communication Standard.  The chain of responsibility for health and safety flows from the principal investigator or supervisor to the department head to the MIT administration.

As a service to the community, the Institute provides a number of services to evaluate and inform the community about hazards in the laboratory and other work environments at MIT.  An occupational health physician is available at MIT Medical for consultation about occupational health concerns at no cost to the MIT community. The EHS Office has industrial hygienists, health physicists, and microbiologists who are available to evaluate a laboratory or work place for exposure hazards.

If the work place or laboratory involves chemicals, the Industrial Hygiene Program in the EHS Office will evaluate the worksite as follows: an industrial hygienist will visit the work place and talk with the concerned employee. A list of chemicals in use and the procedures in which they are used will be generated. A review of the scientific literature for hazards of the chemicals will be conducted. Exposure controls such as local exhaust ventilation or personal protective equipment will be evaluated. Air sampling may be conducted to insure that if there is any exposure, it is below safe levels.  Please call the EHS Office at (617) 452-3477 with any questions or if you wish to set up an appointment for an evaluation.