MIT's Environment, Health, and Safety Office (EHS Office) is responsible for:

  • overseeing operational EHS management at MIT;
  • providing EHS services to departments, laboratories and centers (DLCs);
  • supporting MIT's commitment to EHS performance beyond compliance;
  • and delivering services that demonstrate MIT's commitment to EHS stewardship.

These services relate to a wide range of areas - from environmental sustainability and occupational safety to chemical, radiation, and biological controls - that support the Institute's accountability for excellent EHS performance, as well as for legal compliance.

The work of the office includes:

  • the deployment of resources that reduce the environmental impact of MIT's work, operations, and facilities,
  • ensuring the health and safety of our community members and neighbors.  EHS works in close partnership with MIT Medical and Occupational Health and Safety to accomplish these objectives.

All of these activities are informed by our commitment to provide the responsive service and critical support needed to make MIT a safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible place to live, work, and study.