Tools for EHS Representatives

Updated January 29, 2016

PI Space Registration/ Chemical Reporting


Access Applications in Atlas

for authorized users, certificates required. Go to site, select "Full Catalog" in left menu, then search on "EHS".

Chemical Regulatory Reporting

Information in regards to SARA/DHS reporting requirements.


Instructions for Chemical reporters

An instruction Sheet for how to complete online Chemical Reporting

Chemical Reporting Worksheet

A blank copy of the Chemical Reporting worksheet.

Principle Investigator (PI) /Space Registration (SOP)

Standard Operating Procedures for PI Space registration

Potential Hazards Assessment Within PI/ Space Registration

Standard Operating Procedures for completing the “Potential Hazard Assessment” of the PI/Space registration process.

EHS Inspections


EHS Coordinator spreadsheet

a link to the list of EHS Coordinators, their email addresses, and their EHS Office Lead Contacts for departments, labs and centers. 

Follow up on Findingsfor authorized users, certificates required

Housekeeping Guidance

Is the appearance of the laboratory/shop area neat, orderly and clean? Strategies for good housekeeping

Inspection Tools

The Level I lab or space inspection should be completed weekly by someone in the lab or work space, typically by the EHS Representative for the roomset. The semi-annual Level II lab or space inspection is performed department-wide by the DLC EHS Coordinator in conjunction with the EHS Lead Contact and/or other designated members of the DLC inspection team.

Order Signs and Stickers

a link to the online form to request signs and stickers

EHS Training


EHS Training Home

a link to the EHS training homepage

MIT Atlas Learning Centera llink to the Institute training system, EHS Training Profile and EHS-related courses

IS&T Training FAQ

a link to answers to frequently asked questions about the Learning Center and EHS Training

Training - Guidance for lab specific chemical hygiene(PDF)

an information sheet describing the lab specific chemical hygiene training requirements that PI's/Supervisors are responsible for providing to all those in their area

Training - Lab specific chemical hygiene training (110 only) trainee roster (PDF)

a form for use in identifying personnel and students when they complete the classroom based lab specific chemical hygiene training. Completed roster should be sent to the EHS office N52-496, attention EHS Training Registrar for entry into the EHS training records database. All information is required. If you have questions, please call 2-EHSS.

EHS Training Needs activities and requirements

a document that summarizes activities and their associated EHS training requirements

EHS Training Needs checklist

a form that is the offline version of the EHS Training Needs that can be printed, filled out, and distributed to your personnel and students to clarify the activities they should select during the online EHS Training Needs

My EHS Training Profile

a link to access the certificates based EHS online EHS Training Needs (My Profile)

EHS Training Tools

a link to EHS Training Tools: training reports and training reconciliation

Training Outline Example outline for lab specific chem hygiene training

Procedures, Guidelines, Best Practices


EHS SOPs, SOGs, Fact Sheets, Programs, etc.

Working in collaboration with representatives from departments, labs and centers, the Environment, Health and Safety office prepared the following SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure), SOGs (Standard Operating Guideline), Fact Sheets, Programs, and other environment, health and safety documentation.




SOP Template

Lab Facility Design Construction Review FAQ   (pdf)

a frequently asked questions document that descrives the lab facility design construction review services offered by EHS.

Chemical waste collection request a link to the online form to request chemical waste collection services

the email to report a problem or issue to the EHS Office

EHS Office Contacts

a link to the EHS and Environmental Programs / EHS Headquarters Office personnel directory