Materials for EHS Reps / Coordinators / Staff

Updated March 22, 2016

Getting Started:

Training Needs:

Lab Specific Training:

Training Reconciliation:

  • EHS Training Reconciliation Quick Guide - provides instructions for Training Reconcilers, EHS Representatives, and/or EHS Coordinators on how to update the list of staff and students associated with a PI or Supervisor in the EHS Training Needs system. Provides the option of adding missing learners to the list, of inactivating affiliations for those no longer in the lab, or of removing incorrect affiliations.

Classroom Training Templates:

Video Resources:

Guidance for Lab Specific Chemical Hygiene Training (PDF)74.08 KB
Lab Specific Chemical Hygiene Training Roster (PDF) 39.24 KB
Example Outline for Lab Specific Chem Hygiene Training (Word doc) 25 KB
Lab-specific_Training_Checklist.doc69.5 KB
Lab-specific_Training_Checklist.pdf501.43 KB
Lab_Specific_Training_Template.pptx3.21 MB