Radiation Protection Committee

Updated November 13, 2016

The MIT Radiation Protection Committee (RPC) is a presidential appointed committee composed of senior faculty and administrators. The Committee meets each calendar quarter to establish and review the use of radiation at the Institute and its off-site campuses.  They also meet to make sure the Institute maintains compliance with radiation protection regulations laid out by various governmental agencies including the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Currently, there are 19 members appointed by the President of MIT:

Voting Members Department
Peter Dedon (Chair) Professor of Biological Engineering, Chair of the RPC
David Bartel Professor of Biology - Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
Areg Danagoulian Assistant Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering
Louis DiBerardinis Director of EHS
David Housman Professor of Biology - Koch Institute for Cancer Research
Mitchell Galanek (Executive Secretary) Associate Director - MIT Radiation Protection Program
Harold Hemond Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Richard Milner Professor and Director of Physics - Lab for Nuclear Science
Martin Polz Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Joseph Formaggio Professor of Physics
Frank Massé MIT Affiliate
William Donovan MIT Affiliate - Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
Brian Primeau Lincoln Lab
Michael Horton Lincoln Lab
Mark Whary Associate Director - Divison of Comparative Medicine
Andreas Steinbacher Postdoctoral Fellow - Department of Chemistry
Durgesh Rai Postdoctoral Associate- Nuclear Reactor Laboratory
Robert Patrick White Graduate Student - Nuclear Science and Engineering
Elizabeth Tolman Graduate Student - Physics


Staff to the Committee Department
Gerry Fallon Radiation Protection, Bates
Bill McCarthy Radiation Protection, MITR
Fred McWilliams Radiation Protection, MIT
Hans Richter Radiation Protection, MIT
Judi Reilly Radiation Protection, MIT
Ryan Samz Radiation Protection, MIT
Ryan Toolin Radiation Protection, MIT
Daniel Alexander Radiation Protection, MIT
Matthew Carey Radiation Protection, MIT
Tina Dinh Radiation Protection, MIT


If you have any questions regarding the use of radiation at MIT, please contact the Environment, Health and Safety Office at (617) 452-3477.