Principal Investigator EHS Information

Updated May 27, 2014


Whether you are new to MIT, are beginning a new line of research with new hazards, or want a ready reference for your environment, health and safety responsibilities, if you oversee or maintain a laboratory where research involves potential environment, health, and safety hazards, this web site is for you.  It is designed to provide an overview of key aspects of our system for addressing EHS matters and to link you to information and resources for meeting your environment, health and safety responsibilities at MIT.  Environment, health and safety hazards include, but are not limited to hazardous chemicals, biological agents, radioactive materials, ionizing radiation, non-ionizing radiation such as lasers, electrical hazards, and physical hazards such as working at heights. 

For new Faculty coming to MIT, familiarizing yourself with MIT’s EHS requirements can be done before getting to MIT.   Most web pages are readily accessible to the public.  If you have an MIT ID and Kerberos name and certificates on your computer, you can complete some of the EHS Training available on the web and review EHS SOPs posted on the web.

For those expanding to a new area of research involving new hazards, referring to this page can assist you in determining any additional requirements you may need to meet.