Ordering Radioactive Material

Updated May 21, 2015

Step 1: Have up to date Radiation Safety Training (301).  This training is valid for 2 years and then a refresher needs to be taken.  This is usually given when the lab authorization is renewed.  New PI's must create a new authorization before ordering radioactive material.

Step 2: Log into MIT Atlas and select 'Buying' then 'External (Outside Vendors)'.

Step 3: Know what is on and allowed under the labs authorization including Authorization Number, Possession Limit and the type of chemical of physical form.

Step 4: To place the order, have the following information ready to provide to the MIT Procurement Office (this includes free samples): Orders with incomplete, invalid, or wrong information will be rejected.

SAP material group code: 19301930 will indicate the order is a radioactive material
Radioisotope and chemical formsMust match possession and protocols for your authorization
Activity, i.e. uCi, mCiAmount to be ordered. This plus Total Quantity must not exceed possession limit
Catalog NumberVendor Information
Authorization CodeThe code for a specific PI Radioactive Material Authorization
End users name and phone numberMust be a trained Radiation Worker
Total quantity of that radioisotope currently on hand (includes waste)This plus Incoming Activity must not exceed the possession limit

Step 5: The only valid delivery address is Radiation Protection Office at 400 Main St. E19-105.  Once the package has been delivered there, it will be checked for accuracy and any damage or contamination during shipment.  When the package clears its inspection, MIT RPP will deliver to the end authorized user.

Step 6: After receiving the radioactive material, make sure it remains in a secure location, such as a locked refrigerator.  When working with the unsealed source make sure to wear the proper PPE (gloves, eyewear & lab coat) and perform surveys when completed.