Electrical Safety Inspections in Labs

Updated September 18, 2015

Elestrical Safety Inspection in Labs

Please submit findings via:

1. Dof Work Request through: Atlas-> Repairs-> Electrical

2. Level 2 EHS finding under "ES-99 OTHER electrical safety finding" and use keyword: Electrical Safety Inspecion on the fidning.



Items to inspect:

-Access to panel (36" of clearance)

-Are panel covers in place?

-Are the doors to the panel locked and only accessible to authorized DoF employees?

-Are knockouts on side of panels and boxes in place or mising?

-Exposed wiring on panels?

-Are outlet covers in place?


See attached material for pictures. Also call your Safety Program contact for your questions.

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Electrical Safety Inspection Handout.pptx691.65 KB