Chemical Solids

Updated August 15, 2016
Chemically contaminated solids are: Saturated wipes & paper towels, contaminated gloves and glassware, broken glass, spill cleanup materials, that are: - Contaminated during use with chemicals or from spill cleanup - Collected in proper container with compatible materials - Labeled with Red Tag: listed with associated constituents and associated hazard(s) indicated - Container closed and stored within or near a labeled Satellite Accumulation Area (SAA) Examples to keep separate from general solids: - Pyrophoric chemicals (lithium, magnesium, potassium, etc) - Heavy metals (mercury, chromium, lead, arsenic, etc.) - Strong acids (sulfuric & nitric acid) - Acutely Hazardous (P-Listed) Label Properly: - Indicate SOLIDS & at least 3 chemical constituents on the red tag. - Mark the associated hazard(s) * Collect in either a 1-gallon container or 5-gallon black bucket with a liner
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